How To Refill A Juul Pod With Vape Juice

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Juul is a brand of vaping products that has been rapidly growing in popularity. It has been instrumental in helping many people wean themselves off tobacco products. Affordably priced and easy to use, Juul vaping products are a runaway hit with people the world over. People purchase so much Juul pods the average user has plenty of empty Juul pods sitting around. People have recently learned that it's possible to refill their Juul pods with vape juice themselves and get a lot more enjoyment for significantly less money. But many find it near impossible to refill their empty Juul pods without the vape juice spilling.

A Simple Process

Refilling a Juul pod is relatively simple. And if you are careful and use the right implements you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the chances of spilling the vape juice during the process. There is a simple yet effective system you can use to refill your Juul pods without the vape juice spilling. It just takes a little practice and a steady hand. Once you understand how to carefully remove the top, refilling your Juul pods can be done without much of a problem. While it may seem like it's difficult at first, you will quickly master the process after a few tries.

Not Designed For Refills

The Juul pod isn't designed for refills, so it can be challenging at first. However, once you learn how to do it, it will be fast and easy and there will be no leaks or spills. if you follow these simple step-by-step instructions, you be filling all your empty Juul pods without spilling a drop in no time at all. This will save you lots of time and money and give your confidence a significant boost. Soon you will feel like there's nothing you can't do with a little practice. Refilling Juul pods isn't complicated, the average person should be able to do it in about one or two minutes.

Step One: Taking Off The Cap

Take the pod from inside the Juul. Remove the black cap from the pod using a tiny screwdriver. Locate the little hole that's on the plastic top's side. You need to firmly, but gently and carefully wriggle it up under the cap to open it. Make sure not to break the little opener. Using your tool, put a little pressure on the plastic piece near the hole on the lid. Don't force it open. The entire top needs to be in one piece later when you put it back on after refilling the pod. The focus has to be on gently bending up the opener just a bit. Then do the same thing on the pod's other side where another opener is located. When finished, firmly grab the top, wiggle it and the whole thing should pop open. 

Step Two: Removing The Silicone Cover

Once the plastic top has been successfully removed, you have another barrier to conquer. However, removing this one will be easier, now that you have experience using your handy little tool. There is a silicone cover embedded inside the pod's see-through section. Grip it using your tool and gently wiggle it out. This piece comes out so easily, you can even remove it without much force using your fingernails. Protect your eyes with glasses. Pour any vape juice still left inside the pod onto a paper towel and discard it in the trash. 

Step Three: Cleaning Out The Pod

Once you have used paper towels to get rid of any leftover e-juice in the pod, you have to clean it out to get rid of any residue. Take a few cotton swabs and dampen them with rubbing alcohol. Squeeze out excess alcohol so it doesn't make its way into the pod. Next, clean off the contacts on the pod and the ones on the Juul. Leave the pod resting upside down. In a few minutes any alcohol that is left in the pod will drain out and the pod will be clean and dry. In the meantime, you can begin to prepare the e-juice you are going to use to refill the Juul pod. 

Step Four: Refilling The Cartridge

With the Juul pod opened, drained, cleaned and dried, the empty cartridge is ready to be refilled with e-juice. Carefully pour the vape juice of your choice into the cartridge. Some people use nic salt refillings to improve their Juuling experience. Others experiment with a variety of flavors until they find a favorite. The cartridge has spaces on the right and left that must be filled with vape juice. But not all the way to the top. The cartridge should only be filled 3/4 of the way with e-juice. Putting in more than that will cause it to spill and leak when the cap is being replaced on it.

Step Five: Replacing The Silicone Cover And Top

Once the pod has been filled to 75% of capacity, it's time to put the grommet and the cap back into their original places. Begin by inserting the silicone cover back inside the 3/4 filled pod. Next, squeeze it tightly into place. Once that is done, it's time to replace the cap. Place the cap back on top of the pod. Press down firmly and wriggle the top back into the groove where it belongs. You will know it has snapped back in place when you hear a click sound. That part of the process is fast and easy. Once the cap is securely in place, the refilling process is complete and you are ready to vape.

Step Six: Vaping With The Refilled Juul Pod

Now comes the fun part. Ease the pod into the Juul. Check to make sure it is properly seated and the reattached top doesn't have any leaks. Once you are sure the seal and the top have the vape juice sealed in, you are ready to vape with your refilled Juul pod. Some people refill their Juul pods with a variety of exciting flavors including 

sweet and subtle Strawberry Pineapple, tart Blue Razz, a Grape Apple flavor, the most exciting one by far. There are also several CBD options that can be used to refill the Juul pods in states where CBDs are legal. 

Maximum Number Of Refills

There are only a limited number of times you can refill a Juul pod before it begins to go bad and have a burnt flavor. On average, it possible to refill a Juul pod between three and five times and still enjoy great flavor. Some people who thoroughly clean their Juul pods every time they refill it have been able to refill a Juul pod as many as 10 times before tossing it out. The coil's burnt taste indicates the pod has reached its refill limit. Some people say the type of e-juice that's used as well as if the top is reattached properly can also determine how many times the pod can be refilled. 

An Incredible Flavor Experience

Juuling is about enjoying a unique flavor experience, first and foremost. The right refills only adds to the experience. Using a Juul pod refilled with your favorite flavor vape juice can help save you money and offer new flavors that aren’t available by Juul. If you want a truly unique Juuling experience, challenge yourself to refill your Juul pod with your personal vape juice mix. It will add both fun and fantastic flavor to your Juuling experience.

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