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We like to keep it local. We serve the beaches area with the highest quality service and selection. We're located a couple miles from the Mayport Naval Station & just three blocks from the beach, come check us out.

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Vape Shop FAQs

Q: Can I Vape in the Vape Shop?

A:Yes! We welcome all vape enthusiast. Whether your trying a new e juice flavor or just browsing we know one of the many perks of having a vape shop near you is being the first to know of the awesome new inventory coming to Kings Vapor!

Q:What Makes Kings Vapor The Best Vape Store in Neptune Beach?

A:To put it simply, we are completely dedicated to providing vaping enthusiasts in the greater Jacksonville area (the beaches!) with the finest vaping products available on the market today.

Q: What Are The Most Popular vape juices Offered By Kings Vapor? 

A:  Air Factory ,Naked 100 and Pacha Mama. While these are our most popular e liquid brands we sell over 100 different flavors. Stop into our local vapor shop today!

Q: Is Vaping Harmful To A Person's Health?

A: The truth of the matter is that the overall safety of vaping is not an entirely settled matter. The good news for vaping enthusiasts is studies have shown that vapor smoke is less harmful to a person's health than smoking cigarettes. 

Q: How Many Vape Juice Flavors  Does Kings Vapor Carry?

A: Kings Vapors currently sells more than 101 different flavors of E Juice to the residents of the greater Jacksonville area. They are divided up into convenient categories that range from breakfast time flavors to dessert flavors. We also offer an impressive number of fruit, menthol, mint and tobacco flavors and all of our products are of the highest quality.

Q: Do You Have To Be 18 Years Old To Buy Vape Products?

A:In the state of Florida, a person must be at least 18 years of age in order to purchase vaping products. You must show your ID before purchasing, so make sure to have it handy before entering the vapor shop.

Q: How Long Does Vape Juice Last Before It Expires?

A: Like most products, E-Liquid does have an expiration date.Most expiration dates are anywhere from 1 to 2 year. Some e liquids can last up to 5 years! Always important to check the date.

Q:What Are The Most Popular Hardware Brands In The Vape Industry?

A: SMOKJUUL ,Suorin & Lost VapeDiscover our wide collection of vape hardware brands online or stop by our e cigarette shop today!

Q: What Sets Kings Vapor Apart From Other Vape Shops in Jacksonville, FL?

A: A combination of factors sets us apart from other vape shops on the beach. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about all vaping related questions. We have the best vape selection on the beach from E-Liquids to hardware and outstanding CBD products, we have you covered. If you find yourself wondering about the best vapor shop near me, think Kings Vapor.